Welcome to the home of Poole Bay Folders. Based  in Poole Dorset ( ) click on "see Poole"-watch video) in the county of Dorset on the South Coast of England..I supply spare parts for the Classic Bickerton Folding Bicycle

I have a very early Bickerton handbook which appears to have been hand typed and copied using the old Roneo manually operated type printer. The handbook  personally written by Harry Bickerton( Harry is pictured top left).Thats yours truly sat outside my Bickerton workshop in the garden of my home here in Poole Dorset.This newspaper  picture of Harry was taken in 1976.)and he starts the introduction to his machine as follows:

" I designed the Bickerton Portable essentially as an auxillary to other forms of transport,that is to say to complete door to door journeys when using public transport,boats, aeroplanes, trains and especially cars when convenient par

king is out of the question"

Harry goes on to explain the principles behind the design

"for the bicycle to be suitable for this purpose,it had to be easily carried and stowed,typically on the luggage racks of trains but also in other forms of transport.It had to fold quickly and easily to a manageable size and it had to be very much lighter than ordinary bicycles.In fact to be truly portable it had to be the size of the average suitcase.To satisfy these requirements the Bickerton Portable makes use of lightweight materials,unorthodox construction, and high quality light alloy components only found on the best and most expensive racing bicycles.these factors combine to give the machine a distinctive,lively and elastic feel when compared to ordinary bicycles.  People have said that riding a Bickerton is like driving a high quality sports car instead of a family saloon.The aceleration and hill climbing is so good that long journeys become really enjoyable, exhilarating and relatively effortless" Want to know more? click here for the full BICKERTON STORY

So there you have it the Bickerton Portable. If you own one, treasure, ride and enjoy ..Click here for the full bickerton story   It might not quite match up to the modern folding bicycles but we need to preserve these veteran  innovative ground breaking machines which  is why I am here supplying spare parts to keep Bickertons  on the road.Your Bickerton will continue to give good service providing the bicycle is properly maintained and cared for.I have many customers who have owned(and still ride) their Bickertons from new some going back to the early 1970's.A vast number of Bickertons were made. The Bickerton related enquires I receive  come from   all corners of the globe.

When you contact me for parts or advice please let me know the frame number of your Bickerton  bicycle together with the gear hub date.The frame serial number can  be found underneath th

e frame.Additionally if your Bickerton is fitted with a Sturmey Archer hub gear, the hub s

hell will be date stamped and will read something like 81  6 This means the hub gear was manufactured 1981 June.I maintain a record of frame numbers in relation to hub dates which helps me to indentify the variation, upgrades and modifications to the Bickerton of which there are many.

You will find a number of little pen and ink sketches dotted around my site (more to be added later)These were especially drawn for me by a regular contact of mine who has owned a Bickerton since they were first introduced.This gentleman now in his late  80's , is a retired architect and obviously a very talented artist.The sketches are very cute and entertaining I hope you like them as much as I do.

Here at Poole Bay folders we celebr

ate the Bickerton folder-great little bike, Ride it relax and go with the flow.

  Another BICKERTON owner from over the
water. This is Fabien from France with his
recently restored Bickerton                                Above is my

                                                                        very rare yellow Bickerton
                                                                        Bickerton.Note the cross bar
                                                                        with water bottle.I fabricated this
                                                                         front aluminium carrier
                                                                        from bits  lying around my
                                                                        workshop.the frame was removed
                                                                        from a rucksac I picked up at a
                                                                        car boot sale for a dollar.This
                                                                        provides a good stable support
                                                                        for any type of bag or container
                                                                        hooked onto the handlebars.
                                                                        the carrier does compromise
                                                                        folding of the bike but is easily
 Below from Brisbane Australia                          removed from the Q.R. Clamps.
ia Dave Viney's folding bike
collection which of course
includes two Bickertons                                                                      
  This is proud Bickerton owner  Aurelie Vanderdoodt from  France
Aurelie had his previous bike stolen and replaced it with this  nice Mk3 Bickerton.
No street cred for stealing a Bickerton but Aurelie says he gets lots of stares and comments when riding the bike around town-DONT WE ALL !                                                                     

Bethan Laura Wood-London furniture designer and avid Bickerton owner.

LOOKING FOR A SPARE PART ? enter  " dia" in the search box above open the attachment, zoom in for close up  then let me know part number-NOW THAT WAS EASY !!

                                             Martin Windisch from Germany  provided this image of
                                               his two Mk111 Bickertons and  stunning campervan.
 Australian Bickerton owner
Maris with her father's old
Bickerton discovered stored
away under his house.                                             



The bicycle is a curious vehicle.Its passenger is its engine~ John Howard.


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