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Top picture: fully loaded bickertons on tour of the U.S.A. Norman Hiller and partner

Middle picture: Yours truly with my workshop helpers

My interest in the Bickerton Portable Bicycle(to give the bike  Harry Bickerton's original description)started around fifteen years ago.A couple of my cycling club members arrived for a ride on Bickertons.It was the first time i'd seen a Bickerton and I was immediately drawn to its quirky   design and construction.I  just had to get one and a few  months later found one for sale outside a cycle shop in Bristol.The rest is history as they say but let me tell you how I came about to be a supplier of Bickerton spare parts.Not long after purchasing the bike something broke, can't remember what ,but when I tried to replace the part I coud'nt find a supplier.What did I do?bought another later model bickerton only to find the part I needed  had been modified and would not fit my first bike.I eventually ended up with five Bickertons.I salvaged a few parts from these bikes for other Bickerton owners who were having the same problem sourcing spare parts.
About a year later I made contact with Harry Bickerton's Son Mark and was able to purchase the last  few remaining new Bickerton parts.From then onwards I became a supplier of all things Bickertons and thanks to the internet made contact with bickerton owners  in the u.k. and all over the world.My own personal Bickerton(which is  a late Mk111 ) resides in  my hatchback car and goes with me everywhere.At every opportunity I ride my Bickerton-out it comes from the back of the car, quickly unfolded, all handle bar clamps checked and away I go.Luckily I live very close to the Poole harbour outer fringes where I am able to ride my Bickerton along purpose made cycle paths and tracks just  inches from the waters edge-sheer bliss !!!

I am  able to supply almost every single spare part of the bicycle I also restore  some spares and other rare parts I fabricate in my own workshop.I also have a vast amount of Bickerton history and my files are bursting with lots of interesting information,facts and figures.When I have the time I will upload some of this data to this  site . In the meantime please let me know if you have any questions about the Bickerton when I will do my best to answer them.For me the Bickerton  service I provide  is a labour of love-work undertaken for the pleasure of it.

" Life is like a bicycle-in order to keep your balance you must keep moving" ~ Albert Einstein


Below: Bickerton Country.Knobbly tyres on 20" wheels fitted with Sturmey Archer or derailleur gears

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